Pan Asia Logistic Warehouse

Pan Asia Logistic warehouse is located at the port area of Tanjung Pelepas, in Malaysia’s Iskandar region. This warehouse is a 2 ½ storey building combining a 424,000 square feet warehouse and an office building. Overseeing the beautiful view of ports pier, it is the first and only ramp-up warehouse in the Iskandar region and […]

Nestle Distribution Centre

Nestle Distribution Centre is the Phase 1 of Axis Mega Distribution Centre (AMDC) that stands on a 50-acre industrial land. This building consists of a built-to-suit single storey warehouse and a double storey office block with 515,000 square feet of built-up area that was constructed on 24.78 acres land for Nestle Products Sdn Bhd. This […]

Hap Seng Land Industrial Park

Hap Seng Logistic Hub is a project with 2.4 million square feet built-up area, located at Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Hap Seng Logistic Hub combines various types of warehouses under one roof, i.e. detached warehouse, semi-detached warehouse, flatted warehouse and also office.

Area Venture Sdn Bhd

AREA Logistics is located at Ampang, with 1.8 million square feet of built-up area and 1.2 million square feet of net lettable area. AREA Logistics is the first multi-tiered and multipurpose E-Commerce Logistics and Fulfilment Centre in Kuala Lumpur. AREA Logistics is located within Free Industrial Zone that was built on 20 acres of industrial […]

PHB Logistics Warehouse

LF Logistics_600(3)

The 2.3 Million SqFt, 3 Storey Ramp Up PHB Logistics Warehouse and Office, located in Shah Alam, Selangor, stands as an extraordinary symbol of warehousing capabilities in Malaysia. With its vast size and impressive features, this warehouse ranks among the largest in the country.

DHL Office & Warehouse


DHL Office & Warehouse is a 2-block building with 5-6 storeys of warehouse & office project. This project is located at Shah Alam, Selangor with 1,130,210.6 square feet floor area of warehouse and 161,458 square feet of office floor area. This project was built using precast system, and is the first 2-storey facilities in Malaysia.

YTL Warehouse

YTL Warehouse_height_400

The 1.8 Million SqFt, 2 Storey Ramp Up Warehouse, situated in the Bukit Raja area of Klang, Selangor, represents a remarkable achievement in the field of warehousing in Malaysia.