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About Us

The journey of WK & Partners Consult Sdn Bhd officially began in April 2014 when two companies, namely GE Professional Services, and WK IBS Consult formed a merger.

Fast forward to present day, we have earned prominent reputation as a leading consultancy company in the field of industrial buildings, factories, and warehouses; providing one-stop consulting services to meet our clients’ needs.
About Us

Precise Accuracy, Flawless Execution

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of professionals with extensive experience and are experts in their respective fields. By keeping our clients’ needs in mind, we provide services that emphasise on proper goals, scope, budget, schedule and timeline of the project without compromising on quality.

Our Vision

To be a renowned and most respected consultant company in the field of industrial buildings.

Our Missions

To provide convenient one-stop consultancy services to reduce hassle and make it easy for clients to own their premises.
To provide advanced construction technology to save the time and expenses of clients.
To ensure the premises of our clients meet the latest international standards.
To promote professionalism and advancement of technologies in the construction industry.

Our Core Values

As a reputable corporate firm, we stand firm on our core values as they govern our business and actions in the company. These principles guide us onto the right path in our internal business affairs, as well as the relationship with our partners and clients. We strongly believe that by adhering to our core values, we will be well-guided in serving our clients best, achieving greater results and paving the path to accomplishing our Vision and Missions.


We have our clients’ best interest at heart. With that in mind, we take time to understand every projects’ specific requirements, unique needs and challenges.


We believe in honesty and sincerity in all our business conducts. Not only do we uphold integrity among ourselves but also with our clients as we remain transparent and accountable for our actions.


With every project undertaken, we put our absolute commitment to complete them efficiently and accomplish the goals of our clients. Our passion is the driving force behind our determination in everything that we do.


We set our standards so high that we exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver perfection for every project. We are consistent in providing quality services and technical excellence to our valued clients.

Our Strengths


Excellent Expertise in Post-Tensioning System and Precast System

We are a consultancy firm in Malaysia with comprehensive expertise in both Post-Tensioning System and Precast System. Our team delivers modern construction technology for each construction project to ensure high quality, cost and time saving of the construction.

Proficient with Authority Requirements

With in-depth knowledge of the authorities’ requirements and procedures, we obtain authorities’ permits expeditiously without delay. Therefore, our clients are able to commence construction works promptly, which in turn makes early operation of businesses possible.

Our records proved that we have obtained Planning Approval (KM) and Building Plan (BP) within 3 to 6 months.

Broad Experience in Industrial Buildings

Our team has extensive technical know-how and practical experience in Industrial Buildings. We have achieved significant designs for all projects, some of our highlights as follows:
  • Steel Column height more than 16 meters
  • R.C. Column height more than 13 meters
  • Post-Tensioned Band Beam span more than 20 meters (spacing more than 11 meters) to support floor loading 2 tons per square meter
  • Pile Raft to support floor loading 4.5 tons per square meter
  • Steel Fiber Floor to support floor loading 5 tons per square meter
  • Steel Roof Truss span more than 50 meters
  • Precast Half Slab support Floor Loading 2 tons per square meter
  • Super Flat Floor for very narrow aisle
  • Post-Tensioned Flat Slab with Column spacing 12 meters x 12 meters to support loading 3 tons per square meter

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Hap Seng Land
Forest City
KTI Property
Lake City
LF Logistocs
Senior Aerospace
Atrium REIT
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© 2021 by WK & Partners Consult Sdn Bhd. All rights reserved. C&S Consultant Malaysia | Architect Malaysia
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